Mexican Roots, Italian Soul, Cosmopolitan Mindset.

Bahia Design is the creative studio where cultural and creative disciplines contamination happens, where all kinds of businesses find a port to take a breath, clear their minds, and be guided to set sail and connect with their audiences through the exploration and implementation of unique, smart and durable design.

We Do. We Love.

Art Direction

Concept Development / Web Campaigns / Web Commercials / Marketing Collateral / Editorial Design

Brand Identity

Naming / Logo Design / Visual Identity / Brand guidelines / Illustration / Type Design

Digital + Web Design

Website Design / Social media / Email Design


Collateral / Stationery / Invitations / Merchandise / Packaging + Unboxing Design / Environmental + Signage

Presentation Design

Pitching decks / Media kits

The Brain and Heart behind Bahía Design.

Originally from Mexico, Margarita (Maggy) Contreras is a graduate of the Politecnico di Milano Design School. She is an independent Art Director & Graphic Designer based in Italy. Her work is to concept and develop ideas for advertising. In her spare time you can find her working on her sewing machine, learning a new skill, or spectacularly failing to cook.

As a one woman remote-work studio she works solo, but if a project calls for it she will assemble a team of cool creatives to best serve the project’s needs for high quality deliverables.

Origins of Bahía Design.

“El Bahia” was born many decades ago in Fortin de las Flores, Mexico from an idea of Antonio and Vicenta. Bahia was a small colourful place where people met to listen to live music, talk, eat and connect. Bahìa was created from nothing, and with time it flourished thanks to the visionary marketing ideas of Antonio and the enthusiastic execution and dedication of Vicenta. And then, El Bahia died with them. Decades later, Margarita migrated to Italy with a purpose: to become a designer. She wanted to be as close to the greatest artists as possible. She wanted to breathe the same air and walk the same streets that Botticelli, Leonardo Da Vinci and Caravaggio did. She looked for inspiration and creativity everywhere, not knowing it was already there, inside of her. It always was. As a result, Bahia Design di Contreras Flores Margarita Estefania, is an homage to her grandparents Antonio and Vicenta, to their ideas, their creativity and their hard work.