VOLVO | The agreenment

Art Direction

Margarita Contreras

Creative Direction

Serena di Bruno, Head of Creative Department at GREY Italy


☞ Surface Design



VOLVO's philosophy is supported by very clear and identifiable nordic values. The brand is empathic and close to people; ethic with love and respect for nature and the environment; and detail-oriented with discrete and sober elegance.

In 2018, they launched an operation for their latest model: VOLVO V60.

The brief

Our direction was to represent the car values (100% electric energy, a car for everyone and a car that respects nature) through surface design. The winning concept was then gonna be developed with the moss graffiti technique, and revealed during an event at Volvo Studio Milano in Gae Aulenti piazza, 1 of the 3 concept stores representing VOLVO in Europe and the world.


We got to work under the creative direction of Serena di Bruno, now Head of Creative Department at GREY Italy. We presented a round of concepts and then a refined final.

This final concept is an allegory for the electric nature of the car, where the wolf mother and her pup represent the versatility of it and the lightning represents the electric energy that goes into the motor.

The animal choice had a purpose: wolves are highly intelligent animals who are caring, playful, and above all devoted to family. Only a select few other species exhibit these traits so clearly. They came to Scandinavia from Eurasia after the last ice age some 10,000 years ago, and since then have been a part of the Scandinavian fauna as well as the cultural history.


In the end this concept wasn't chosen for the final reveal, but it was amazing to get to collaborate with an agency like GREY, to visit and pitch our ideas at their offices and to be under Serena di Bruno's direction. We also got to go to the event and see the unchosen ideas exposed in a gallery.

Here is the final reveal:

This project was developed at Politecnico di Milano University for non-profit educational purposes during the "Master in Art Direction & Copywriting" Masters degree.