Welcome to Bahía!

Our creative studio is based in Italy, but we work with Brands from all over the world.

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As creative explorers, we love to dig deep into our clients’ stories to find the best way to communicate their brands, through words and visuals.

Our mission is to provide smart, thoughtful, durable, and meaningful design solutions to connect real brands to real people. 

We Do. We Love.


Naming / Logo Design / Visual & Verbal Identity / Brand guidelines / Illustration / Type Design

Art Direction

Concept Development / Web Campaigns / Web Commercials / Marketing Collateral / Editorial Design


Naming / Blog Articles / Web Copy

Digital + Web Design

Website Design / Social media / Email Design 


Collateral / Stationery / Invitations / Merchandise / Packaging + Unboxing Design / Environmental + Signage

Presentation Design

Pitching decks / Media kits

Clients who sailed with us

The Crew

Maggy Contreras 

Art Director

What is an Art Director exactly? Many still can’t answer that question, but Maggy knew she would be one since she was a young girl growing up in Cordoba, Mexico. 

To follow her dream, she decided to move to Italy, the homeland of design, and after years of sweat and tears, she gave life to Bahia Design.

If Bahia was a construction site, Maggy would be our site manager, and when she works her magic suddenly logos, websites and campaigns make sense, both functionally and aesthetically.

No one know’s how, but she still finds the time to work at her sewing machine, learn a new skill or fail spectacularly in the kitchen. I guess Johnny Depp would describe her as a Mexican, not a Mexican’t. Get it? It’s from a movie!

Pierluigi Capretti


As little Pier was growing up in old Italy, he had a dream that one day he would become a worldwide famous musician. Luckily for us, he decided to give up rock and roll to become a copywriter and devote himself to the subtle art of words.

When he's not playing video games or eating the last piece of cake, he spends his time writing.

Names for newborn companies, children's books, songs or websites, it matters not. If there's something to write about, Pierluigi is ready to rack his brains to find the best way to finish the job.

Are you ready to set sail?