Book Cover Art: Anele

Cover Art & Lettering 

Margarita Contreras 

Written by 

Elena M. Carleschi 


☞ Cover design 

☞ Custom title lettering 



At the beginning of 2020, Italian author Elena Carleschi released her very first autobiographic novel in which she opens up about her past struggles with Anorexia and how the relationship with her psychotherapist helped her shape a new path to self-awareness.

The book cover, a melancholic and surreal illustration that features a custom title lettering, sees Elena in a museum as she stares back at a statue that embodies ideal beauty and perfection. The design, inspired by different aspects of Elena's life, was crafted to metaphorically represent her story, which you'll have to read to fully appreciate.

Click here to order a copy of the book (in Italian), and if you want to learn more about the process behind the cover, from concept to delivery, you can read everything about it here