Psychotherapist Johanan Castillo Branding

Art Direction & Design

Margarita Contreras 


☞ Brand Identity 

☞ Web Design

☞ Logo System

☞ Typography & Color

☞ Illustration & Animation for Social Media

☞ Social Media Templates

☞ Collateral 



Johanan Castillo is a Mexican Psychotherapist with over 10 years of experience. She works mainly with women to help them build resilience. During quarantine, she felt the need to get to more people and give a boost to their mental health and help them cope with loss and death.

Johanan asked us to give her a hand and so we got to design her website and establish a brand identity for her online psychology practice.


Johanan Castillo's Psychotherapist logo features a dragonfly inside a speech bubble and symbolizes change, transformation and self-realization through conversation and therapy.

Type & Color

For the primary color palette, we chose a purplish blue and a pale teal to convey trust and inspire reflection and self-awareness. Then we threw in some lavender and neutrals shades to complement the main colors.

For type, we decided on Abhaya Libre for main titles, Open Sans for body text, and a cool script called Moontime as a highlight to add that personal-human touch. You can find the latest on Canva.


Once we decided on the direction we wanted to go we designed a simple yet thoughtful website on webflow. Visit to see the real deal!

Social media aesthetics & tone of voice

Johanan's mission was to get more people into therapy by making herself available for online sessions, but unfortunately in Mexico, not many people were thinking about keeping themselves sane while losing their jobs every day because of the Covid situation. And so Johanan decided to use social media to offer free tools and tips for people to cope during hard times without them spending any money.

We helped Johanan develop a tone of voice for her audience on social media, and to keep everything cohesive we designed some Instagram templates on Canva and simple guidelines for her to follow. This way she could set sail to connect with her audience without us or any professional design software. Other than the Instagram templates, we also got to illustrate and animate some of her Instagram posts. 

Resilience Gif
Gratitude Gif
Charging Heart Gif
Love Languages Illustrations

We learned a lot from this project, and Johanan got positive and direct feedback from her audience, saying they'd found her content really useful during hard times. Isn't that cool?

Follow Johanan Castillo on Instagram for free tools and tips to boost your mental health and communicate better with the people around you.

Or click here to book an appointment for therapy sessions in Spanish and begin your path towards resilience.