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Forever grateful to Federica Lettieri & Hendrik Wawers (Founders) for the opportunity and the fantastic Marketing and Product team we got to work with

Angiola El Kouba - Visual Designer

Lidia - Head of Marketing

Daniele Benzi - Head of Product


Brand Identity by Antitetico Agency



Bevy is a startup that operates in the food and beverage sector in Italy, delivering water and drinks of all sorts around the provinces of Milan and Monza and looking to expand in Italy and Europe. They brought us on board to work on their first digital campaigns. 

They already had a fresh visual identity but needed a bit of fine-tuning for the upcoming marketing efforts.

Brand Strategy & Creative Direction

We joined forces with the marketing squad and made sure to understand the company’s identity and how it was perceived by the team (we asked lots of questions to everyone inside Bevy). 

Helped by some amazing superstars and analytics from the Business Development department, we really got to understand who their actual and desired clients were and eventually defined the company’s heart and essence. 

For color and typography we narrowed the original palette, established a color hierarchy, and added a new font to the family to keep the logo unique and to avoid wearing it out. 

We defined simple guidelines for photography and video and showed how the different brand elements interact together in a layout. 

The most fun part? Overseeing the development of a new set of illustrations in a "Bevy Style" that worked better with the logo and overall brand identity. The "Bevy Hand" had become a brand signature, so it was important to keep the same style for all the illustrations. 

We tied everything up into a Brand Book for systematic brand development to help Bevy reach its communication goals.


We audited the marketing materials we were initially working on and discovered new ways to stand out from similar services in Milan. 

In collaboration with their marketing team, we defined goals and developed multiple campaigns.

BEVY Brand Awareness Campaign
Super Promo Campaign
Bevy Leggero Brand Awareness Campaign | Illustrations & Animation: Angiola El Kouba
Party Category Campaign
Web Banner | Campaign in collaboration with Lavazza
BEVY Carousel Promo Campaign
Web Banners for Google Performance Max, Criteo and Meta

Bevy Haunted (Ware) House | Halloween Campaign

We worked on a special Halloween campaign where we imagined that Bevy's warehouse had been taken over by supernatural dark forces after the team had played with an Ouija Board during a company dinner. During the campaign, we asked Bevy's users to help them free themselves from the curse showing what was going on at Bevy's headquarters.

BEVY Halloween Campaign | Case Study

Social Media Strategy & Content

We defined a social media strategy that would better represent the brand's identity and developed content that would attract but also entertain their ideal clients. We also wanted to show more of what was happening behind the curtain by introducing the people and the drivers that made everything possible.

Bevy Social Media Design

Web and Newsletter Design

We applied the brand guidelines to their website updating product backgrounds and other elements such as icons and stickers. 

We also designed a landing page dedicated to selected partners and worked on their newsletter’s graphics, defining templates and creating even more assets.

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Photo by Andrea Cerchi @andreacherchi_foto

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