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Alhumbra seeks to improve women's experience, health and quality of life during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, restoring their power and self-confidence through the Hypnobirthing method and specialized and personalized physiotherapy practices. 

They're on a mission to stimulate women's curiosity as well as to inform and inspire them with positive narratives and real-life experiences that help them face maternity with ease and confidence. 


Alhumbra is a made-up word that comes from the Spanish term “alumbrar”, which means “to give birth”, “to illuminate”, and “to give clarity to someone or something”. 

Alhumbra means: to enlighten women about all the possibilities that are available to them during the experience of maternity.

Brand Identity

We started with the creative kick-off meeting to understand Alhumbra’s heart and essence. Here at Bahia, we rely on strategy-driven design, and so we worked on getting to know their competitors and ideal clients. Eventually, we gave Alhumbra a visual and verbal identity that would match its soul.

Main Logo | Alternative Illustrated Logo | Horizontal Logo | Icon | Favicon | Logo Reduction


The main logo consists of the word Alhumbra and a symbol with a subtle but deep meaning: the circle in the middle represents knowledge illuminating different paths and possibilities, while the lines around it symbolize its expanding light. 

In the alternative logo, we portrayed the balance between mental and physical health through the illustration of a pregnant woman holding these two elements in her hands. 

Color and Type

When we started to work on colors, our goal was to create a brand identity that would encapsulate the idea of a different, healthy and safe way to approach maternity. No more pink tones or sweet phrases, but instead, relaxed and cheerful colors to give this brand a fun and cool vibe and to differentiate it from the competition using unconventional shades and forms. 

When it came to fonts our choice fell on Merriweather Ultra Bold, because it provides a sense of formality without getting too serious. To go along with it, we decided Lato was the right choice, as it perfectly complements Merriweather.

Messaging & Typographic Compositions

During the strategy session, we helped define and declare Alhumbra's purpose and core values, laying out a brand positioning and messaging plan that revolved around women empowerment and starting conversations on topics that are still considered taboo. We then defined a tone of voice, language and copy to apply to their marketing collateral and social media presence.

Finally, we landed on "Recupera tu poder" (Regain your power) as Alhumbra's purpose tagline, to remind women of the power within them. 

Social Media Strategy, Aesthetics & Icons

We worked on a social media strategy by selecting the best kind of content that would attract Alhumbra’s ideal clients and inspire them to create a community. This resulted in a social media style guide and feed design that reflects the brand’s values and carries on its fresh vibe. 

We also created templates to facilitate the process of social posting.

"I loved working with Maggy, she helped me give a personality to my business idea and find the ideal visual identity. My favorite part was discovering my brand with her help and seeing it reflected in reality, what I had in mind became palpable. 

The result was wonderful, every detail gives personality to my business and gives it a lot of professionalism. I highly recommend working with Bahía Design because they are professionals in terms of time and delivery, they are creative and take the project as their own and then the result is incredible!"(Translated) 

Marisa Ortiz, Founder at Alhumbra

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